One Of Many Reasons Why I Believe In God

girl praying to God

I needed proof for myself to believe in God…

From a very young age I started to believe in God, yes my parents were Christian and yes we went to church. But that isn’t the reason I believe in God, to be honest that wasn’t enough proof for me. I wanted proof of his love for me.


I have recently heard a few people ask me the question, why do I believe God exists? and why do I have faith? etc.


I first started to believe in God because of amazing and unexplainable things that happened and still happen to me. One night, although this happened many nights in reality, I was asleep and I started to wake up a little. I noticed this dark presence on top of me, holding me down. I was unable to move or breath at all, I lay as a little girl helpless on my bed with this gigantic figure pressing me into my sheets. All I remember in that moment was feeling scared and trapped all at once. 


Picture of a girl hiding in her bed under the sheets


Some people have told me that I must of been dreaming or having some sort of nightmare.

Which is probably what your thinking right? It was no nightmare. The proof for me was that I learnt how to deal with this “demon”, no it didn’t happen once or twice, this same scenario happened at least a dozen times while I was younger.


I learnt that I had power in the name of Jesus. I would be feeling utterly helpless and all I would have to say was that one amazing word “Jesus”. Yes, that’s it. Good will always triumph over evil, I truly believe that. I would say the mighty name Jesus and then squeeze my eyes shut and then boom once I opened them again… there was nothing. Nothing but a feeling of safety and peace all through my body. I often slept incredibly well after that too. 


Does that sound crazy? Maybe to you. Maybe not, maybe it’s made your curious or you have had something similar happen to you. If that is the case for you please leave me a comment at the end of this post, honestly it’s so nice to hear your story whatever that may be. I trusted God and he always showed up for me, time and time again. It’s the most comfort I have ever felt and nowadays Satan has less affect over me, I know I am loved by God. I know the power I have in the simple but profound name “Jesus”.


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